Rules, Setup & Caring Instructions


Center your TableGolf playing surface over a table.  If using a patio table with umbrella hole, be sure to line up the center hole with the table’s umbrella hole. DONE!

Objectives & Rules (or make up your own)

  1. A player’s objective is to roll a golf ball into the center hole on the first and only roll of his or her turn – this is called a “Hole In One”.
  2. Players must roll ball from behind his or her tee box (white line).
  3. Play resumes clockwise.
  4. To keep it fair, when a player makes three “Hole In Ones” and each increment of three thereafter, players will rotate tee boxes (seats) clockwise.
  5. The first player to make 9 or 18 “Hole In Ones” (depending on how many holes you choose to play) wins the round.

Lose A Turn Penalties

Players will lose a turn if he or she:

  1. rolls out of turn.
  2. touches another players golf ball while it’s in play.
  3. touches the golf ball more than once per turn.
  4. breaches their tee box (white line) during a roll.


  1. Wash TableGolf playing surface in cold water on “delicate cycle”.
  2. Hang or lay flat to dry – do not put in dryer.
  3. Fold evenly and return to storage bag.